You have a vision, we provide the visuals.

More than 25 years of experience in 3D animation, VFX, CGI and video production.

Luxmotion delivers high quality 3D animation, 3D and 2D infographics and 3D rich interactive realtime media that suits your most demanding needs.

We at Luxmotion all share a passion for all kind of visual related arts: Cinema and moviemaking, illustration, videoart, motion graphics, photography and videogames.

Our clients are from all around the planet covering a wide range of industries like vfx for cinema, medicine, education and training, engineering, architecture, advertising, and videogames. 

We create projects from start to finish but you can also ask us for intermediate stages of your production from 3d modeling including cleanup of heavy models coming from engineering CAD formats, storyboarding of your animation or videoexplainer, 3d photorealistic lighting of your complex 3D scenes to get that WOW effect, model and animate a 3D character, design and animate your new logo and of course you can rent us our 100+ CPU and 10,000+ GPU cores renderfarm with unparalleled 24/7 support at unbeatable prices.

We are very committed with deadlines and quality so you have nothing to loose with us. Go straight to the contact area below and let's have a talk to bring your ideas to reality in no time!