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Jack of all 3D software master of none.

Passionate for 3D character animation studied at Animation Mentor and have been betatester of several render engines since late 90's.
When he is not learning new 3D software you may find him wasting time as an amateur photographer, assembling supercomputers, watching short movies in unknown languages or trying to jump and climb on to impossible rocks with his bike.


Pure art creator in body and soul.

He is one of the few humans on earth being choosen to  bring the epic fantasy oil painted comic series "El Mercenario" by Vicente Segrelles to animated episodes.
You just think of an idea and before you say Beetlejuice 3 times Jose Carlos has it drawn on paper!
He has more than 30 years of experience in diverse graphic arts fields like logo design,  print, adverstising and 3D animation.


Sheeps, rabbits, clients and unicorns are all where they have to, she knows that stuff very well.

She is the youngest member of Luxmotion's professionals but deals with paper stuff so well as the most savyy senior bookkeper.
Having expertise in accounting, HR and Social Media managing Luxmotion is not all messy anymore thanks to her.
She types faster on her phone than your own thinkings travel across one neuron to the next but don't try to reach her when her beloved Barça football team is playing a match!